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This section should be prefaced by saying that nothing is official on the PlayStation 4 yet. Much has been said and assumed of it, so this is a good place to list a compendium of sorts on all of the rumors and predictions people have, the outlook on the console, and what people are probably hoping it turns out to be.

In the spirit of console games, there have always been assumptions about what the next one will have in it. We do know that Sony has consistently revolutionized the console scene with each new system, with features that have remained largely the same in terms of design and function, such as the controllers. There is no determined PS4 release date yet, but there are speculations surrounding when it might be.

PlayStation 4 Hardware Specification Rumors

Playstation 4 Release Date

Playstation 4 Release Date

You may or may not be aware, but there are graphics cards built for computers that completely outmatch the graphics that can be achieved from PS3 games right now. From this, it can be surmised that PS4 games can rival or even outmatch those found in PCs.Even if it turns out that it does not, we know that it is a possible for Sony to go above and beyond.

Sony has been peddling out motion controls a lot lately. This can be seen in the PlayStation Move. It is very possible that the PlayStation 4 will include both dual-shock and motion controls, with capabilities in the games similar to what you might find from Nintendo Wii games. 3D technology is gaining ground, and if Sony waits long enough to create and produce their newest console, expect advertisements around the PS4 release date.

PlayStation 4 Video Game Rumors

With these new technologies in mind, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft will follow suit and improve upon the capabilities of their Xbox games. The outlook for the games is phenomenal. Imagine the jump from the PlayStation 2 to the PlayStation 3. The graphics offered from a game like Uncharted 2 absolutely blew minds. Will there be an equivalently drastic change when it comes to the newest console? This is very likely, knowing the track record Sony has maintained. With Move-esque controllers and 3D hardware on the horizon, the games may be more immersible and graphically impressive than we could have ever imagined video games would eventually turn out to be.

PlayStation 4 Further Outlook and Conclusion

Sony fans are very hopeful and expectant of the PlayStation 4 with all of these possibilities on the brink of what could be the biggest console to come since the Nintendo 64. Everyone will wait with baited breath for the official PS4 release date, even though that will only continue fueling rumors and dream estimations.

Rumors say that there have already been productions of the first games for the new system. Ideas for the hardware and design are already floating around, and word is that more announcements will come sooner than once thought.

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