PS3 Console Games

PS3 Games

Playing PS3 Games

The PS3, also known as the PlayStation 3, is a Sony console for playing video games, specifically PS3 games. It also serves as an outlet for multimedia. It has revolutionized the market for console games by offering stunning graphics in its games that are much more improved upon than its two competitors, the Microsoft Xbox and the Nintendo Wii.

Not only can you play some of the best games available on the market in stunning high-definition and stereoscopic 3D – it serves as a playback device for digital images, music, and even 1080p definition Blu-ray films. All of the games and movies are projected at the highest available resolution, and the only thing holding back the PS3 console is available technology.

Details About PS3 Games

PS3 games, much like specialized Blu-ray (BD) films, come on the same types of discs. This enables them to become projected on any screen in full 1080p high-definition resolution. PS3 games are unique to the PlayStation 3 console, and it is the only way to play them.

Not only do PS3 games offer the best graphics over Xbox games and Wii games, but the discs themselves are more durable, with a film over them to prevent the scratches that plague standard DVD-R disc formats. It has been speculated than the PlayStation 4 will continue this revolutionary track against its competitors and deliver truly stunning film-quality video game and film playback for consumers. If that were not enough, the sound quality stored in the BD format is exceptional, especially with surround sound enabled.

Top 10 PlayStation 3 Games

These are all of the current most popular PS3 games according to the amount of people who have purchased and played it. All of them have received consistently and overwhelmingly positive reviews from several critics of PS3 games. Ever since their respective release dates, these have stood the test of time and are acknowledged as some of the best gaming experiences you can find on any console, much less the PS3 console itself.

#1. God of War III
You control Kratos, the fallen God of War, as he makes his way across Olympus, slaying everything in sight.

#2. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Join Nation Drake as he treks through another adventure in search of Shambhala and the Cintamani Stone.

#3. Batman: Arkham Asylum
The Joker has escaped and it is up to Batman to bring justice to him and his band of insane comrades.

#4. Little Big Planet
You control Sack Boy as he makes his way through countless computer and user-generated platform levels.

#5. Heavy Rain
This is a detective game centering around a murder-mystery, where every decision changes the outcomes.

#6. L.A. Noire
Another gritty crime detective game with the most photorealistic features in any video game to date.

#7. Metal Gear Solid IV
Solid Snake has grown older and is pitted in the Middle East for one final mission to find Liquid Snake.

#8. Super Street Fighter IV
Street Fighter is back, with a lot of new tricks only available with a high-definition outlet.

#9. MLB 11: The Show
The best baseball game around, featuring every team with an updated roster and realistic mechanics.

#10. Mass Effect 2
This is a science fiction game where actions from the previous Mass Effect change how this one plays out.

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