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Sony PlayStation 4

This section should be prefaced by saying that nothing is official on the PlayStation 4 yet. Much has been said and assumed of it, so this is a good place to list a compendium of sorts on all of the rumors and predictions people have, the outlook on the console, and what people are probably hoping it turns out to be. » Read more..

PS3 Console Games

PS3 Games

Playing PS3 Games

The PS3, also known as the PlayStation 3, is a Sony console for playing video games, specifically PS3 games. It also serves as an outlet for multimedia. It has revolutionized the market for console games by offering stunning graphics in its games that are much more improved upon than its two competitors, the Microsoft Xbox and the Nintendo Wii. » Read more..

Xbox 360 Console Games

General Information on the Xbox 360

This is a console that centers around true hardcore gamers and experiences they crave. It strikes an excellent balance between providing adequate enough graphics to fool someone into thinking it is a realistic experience and maintaining true mechanics in its games that keep players on the edge of their couches. It is the second-best selling video game console on the market today, and its console games are a true testament to this fact. » Read more..

Wii Console Games

Wii Games

Playing Wii Games

Unlike its competition, the Wii does not attempt to have the best graphics or the most hardcore gaming experience available. Instead, it is suited for anyone in the family, from children to elderly folks who do not normally have much interested in console games. In that regard, it is widely successful. In fact, it has sold more units than its competition combined. » Read more..

Console Games

Console games are devices that go into other video gaming consoles. These days there are only a few primary formats that are used with them: two for larger and more expensive consoles that are plugged into a television, and several others for more portable and handheld gaming console models. All of these console generations and types progress in capabilities. » Read more..