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Unlike its competition, the Wii does not attempt to have the best graphics or the most hardcore gaming experience available. Instead, it is suited for anyone in the family, from children to elderly folks who do not normally have much interested in console games. In that regard, it is widely successful. In fact, it has sold more units than its competition combined.


It succeeds at what it sets out to do: supply an experience that the entire family can get together and enjoy. This is punctuated through its motion controls, which the player can guide along and manipulate anything in the Wii games. This results in immersion and an intuitive gaming environment.

Details About Wii Games

Wii games come on standard DVD-R discs, much like XBOX 360 games do. These are generally tailored to wider audiences, and the characters can feel more cartoony, stylish and fun, rather than photorealistic. This is not always the case, because the Wii tends to utilize its modest graphics capabilities to their limits on some games.

Wii games are by no means a weak choice in that regard, but the Wii is not a powerhouse console either, especially compared to the Sony PlayStation 3 and PS3 games. It is clear how the console that Nintendo releases after the Wii will compete with the rumored PlayStation 4: continuing to supply its audience with what it likes.

Wii games tend to be fun and lighthearted in nature, such as sets of carnival-style competitions that members of the family can play against each other in. It does offer some titles that a more hardcore gamer can associate with, and there are many top ones that suit these special needs. For the most part though, Wii games are based on accessibility.

Top 10 Wii Games

With sales like the ones the Nintendo Wii boasts, it is clear that some titles will do better than others, especially with the name brand recognition that Nintendo holds in its franchise. This section will briefly go over the top ten available for purchase, based on the amount people have bought them, and the best reviews that the games have received from critics of Wii games. These will give you an idea of what the Nintendo Wii offers to its consumers.

#1. New Super Mario Bros.
Mario and friends are back with all-new adventures, and their goal is still to catch Bowser and his koopas.

#2. Kirby’s Epic Yarn
Kirby returns here in one of the most unique games offered anywhere, where everything is textured like yarn.

#3. GoldenEye 007
This is one of the reimaginings from the titular game from the Nintendo 64 console, updating everything.

#4. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
All of your favorite Nintendo characters are back in an all-out brawl, with a ton of new characters to pick.

#5. Dead Space: Extraction
Using the Wii Remote controller as an aim for a gun has never been more fun in a space-based environment.

#6. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
One of the most successful and well-known games for the Nintendo Gamecube, now with motion controls!

#7. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Link returns in another epic adventure across the land of Hyrule, but this time with more hairy circumstances.

#8. Super Mario Galaxy 2
The sequel to the successful Super Mario Galaxy, the graphics and mechanics have been improved.

#9. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Arguably one of the best first-person shooters ever, Samus returns to face her evil, darker incarnation.

#10. Virtua Tennis 4
The cast of the Virtua series returns in a very exciting rendition of tennis, with accurate motion controls.

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