Xbox 360 Console Games

General Information on the Xbox 360

This is a console that centers around true hardcore gamers and experiences they crave. It strikes an excellent balance between providing adequate enough graphics to fool someone into thinking it is a realistic experience and maintaining true mechanics in its games that keep players on the edge of their couches. It is the second-best selling video game console on the market today, and its console games are a true testament to this fact.

While it is true that Xbox 360 games are not as accessible to wider audiences as Wii games, and not as graphically superior and cinematic as PS3 games, it stands alone as a console that tailors to the tried-and-true gamer in almost every release it has from developers. It leads the industry when it comes to first-person shooters, and stands up to even the most daunting challenges from its competition, such as developing the Kinect as a means for motion controls.

Details about Xbox 360 Games

Joystick for Xbox 360 Games

Joystick for Xbox 360 Games

Xbox 360 games come on DVD-R discs, which do hold less than the PlayStation 3 Blu-ray (BD) format discs. Clearly they are not designed to offer the best graphics or cutscenes possible, but what Xbox 360 games do offer their consumers are more than adequate to carry them through a complete and fulfilling video game experience.

Indeed, the Xbox 360 console has a nice construction inside when it comes to hardware and graphics hardware – though it has shown a weakness when it comes to overheating in the past due to the sheer rendering power that it needs to process inside of the casing. Nevertheless, this has not stopped true fans from making it the second-best selling console in the current generation. The games have dedicated developers who know what their fans want in a game, and they try their best to deliver every time. Some of these Xbox 360 games will be examined next. There are speculations on how the console after the 360 will compete with the PlayStation 4, and the outlook is exciting.

Top 10 Xbox 360 Games

Here is a complete listing for the top ten Xbox 360 games according to the amount of buys and the ratings from people who have purchased them. They lead the industry with regards to the Xbox 360 console, offering gameplay elements that fans desire as well as enough computational and graphical compressing power to suit the needs of both middle-ground and heavy gamers. Much of these brands already exceed the newest console.

#1. Halo 3
Master Chief returns in the world-renowned first-person shooter Halo to gun down more alienoids.

#2. Fable II
You guide a hero making decisions based on good and evil perspectives to realize your ultimate destiny.

#3. Gears of War 2
The wildly popular Gears of War returns with a sequel boasting new environments, weapons, and multiplayer.

#4. Dead Rising 2
You are pitted against hordes of never-ending zombies, where you must use your environment to survive.

#5. Left 4 Dead 2
This has completely new content that spans across the game from the first wildly popular Left 4 Dead.

#6. BioShock 2
BioShock returns as you take control of a Big Daddy in more stunning and well-crafted environments.

#7. Portal 2
The successor to the original is back, giving you even more mind-bending puzzles to try solving in first person.

#8. DiRT 3
This is an excellent racing game that really means it when it says the difficulty increases as you progress.

#9. Vanquish
There is never a dull moment in this cover-based third-person shooter, packing plenty of thrills and wonderment.

#10. Child of Eden
Machine and nature are pitted to fight against each other for survival in this mesmerizing world that you control.

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